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Trussell Tech at The International Symposium on Potable Reuse & Biological Treatment

Trussell Tech is a proud sponsor of the 2016 AWWA International Symposiums - Potable Reuse and Biological Treatment happening January 25-28th at the Renaissance in Long Beach, CA.

Our speakers are:

Brian Pecson with "Reducing the Need for the Environmental Buffer: Results from Padre Dam's Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Testing" - Mon., January 25th at 1:50pm

Fred Gerringer with "Indirect Potable Reuse With Ozone, Biofiltration and Soil Aquifer Treatment" - Tues., January 26th at 12:50pm and "Ozone and Biofiltration in Potable Reuse Treatment " - Wed., January 27th at 1:30pm

Aleks Pisarenko with "Removal of Recalcitrant Trace Organics By Ozone And Biological Activated Carbon At A 1MGD Potable Reuse Demonstration Facility " - Tues., January 26th at 1:10pm

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Trussell Tech at WateReuse Symposium

The following from the Trussell Tech team will be speaking at the 30th Annual WateReuse Symposium, held in Seattle on September 13-16.

The speakers are:

Fred Gerringer with "Indirect Potable Reuse with Ozone, Biofiltration and Soil Aquifer Treatment" - Tuesday, September 15, 11:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Aleks Pisarenko with "Evaluation of Ozone, Biofiltration, and UV/AOP for Removal of Compounds of Emerging Concern at One MGD Potable Reuse Facility" - Tuesday, September 15, 12:00 - 12:30 p.m.

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Correcting the Standard Methods Langelier Saturation Index calculation

We are pleased to announce the publication of a Trussell Tech article, "Technical Note: Calculation of the Langelier Index at High pH," in the March issue of the Journal of American Water Works Association (AWWA). The article describes an error that Trussell Tech identified in the Standard Methods' (SM) calculation of the Langelier Saturation Index (LSI), and provides equations for correcting the error. Trussell Tech has updated its corrosion model and its blending worksheet to use the corrected calculation. Trussell Tech has also taken this opportunity to simplify the corrosion model and update the mineral analysis model and the blending worksheet. Total dissolved solids (TDS), rather than a complete mineral analysis, is now used to estimate ionic strength in the corrosion model, which simplifies the water quality analyses that are required to use the model. John Kenny is chairing the AWWA SM Joint Task Group on updating the LSI calculation method.

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A photolysis coefficient for characterizing the response of aqueous constituents to photolysis

Trussell Tech's David Hokanson and Rhodes Trussell are the authors of the newly-published "A photolysis coefficient for characterizing the response of aqueous constituents to photolysis" in the March issue of Frontiers of Environmental Science & Engineering.  Prof. Ke Li from the University of Georgia is also a co-author.  The article advances UV photolysis through development of a novel photolysis coefficient to evaluate UV processes for inactivation of microorganisms and treatment of inorganics and organics.  The paper is relevant to the application of UV technologies and and UV AOPs for drinking water treatment and water reuse applications. The article proof can be found here.

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The Four Rs of Potable Reuse Safety

We are excited to announce the publication of Trussell Tech’s article on potable reuse safety, “Achieving Reliability in Potable Reuse: The Four Rs,” in the Journal of the American Water Works Association.


The Ways of Water

The Ways of Water

The Ways of Water, presented by the WaterReuse Foundation, is an overview of the many human interventions in the water cycle. It looks at the benefits of some key water provision options including Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). The animation is an easy-to-understand presentation of the urban water cycle and water purification.

  • Padre Dam AWP Groundbreaking

Padre Dam AWP Demo Groundbreaking

Trussell Tech was proud to participate in the groundbreaking at Padre Dam Municipal Water District's Advanced Water Purification Demonstration Project. Trussell Tech is the Program Manager for the AWP Demo Project, whose goal is to use advanced water purification technologies to potentially diversify East County’s water supply and reduce dependency on imported water. The project is scheduled to begin operation in March 2015.

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New Edition of Principles of Water Treatment Published

A new, condensed version of the best selling Water Treatment Principles and Design has been released, titled Principles of Water Treatment. The same author team wrote Principles of Water Treatment, which is geared toward treatment processes for undergraduate students of Environmental Engineering.

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Water Treatment Principles and Design 3rd Edition Published

A new third edition of Water Treatment Principles and Design was recently published and is available for purchase through John Wiley & Sons or the American Water Works Association. Rhodes Trussell was a co-author on this publication, as was Kerry Howe, husband of Trussell Tech engineer Elaine Howe. David Hokanson was also a contributor. All chapters were updated with new information on advanced oxidation, enhanced coagulation, adsorption, membrane treatment of impaired water sources, and pharmaceuticals. This book is an essential engineering reference and an ideal classroom text.   It includes example problems, discussion topics, and references at the end of each chapter.