Project Type

Regional surface water supply project for the Cities of Ceres and Turlock


Stanislaus Regional Water Authority


Stanislaus County, CA

Current Status

Ongoing since 2016

Key Features

  • Surface water quality sampling
  • Bench scale testing—coagulation, DBP control, ozone demand, manganese removal
  • Process train selection
  • Pre-design services
  • Procurement documents for design-build team selection

Project Overview

Driven by historic drought conditions, degradation of groundwater supplies, and declining groundwater levels, the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA) is constructing a new surface water treatment plant (WTP) to provide a new, supplemental drinking water supply to the Cities of Ceres and Turlock, California. Trussell is part of the Program Management team with West Yost, which has guided and performed technical work to select the optimal treatment train and the Design-Build team to construct the new WTP.

Trussell took the lead in evaluating the water quality of the source water—the Tuolumne River—which included review of historical water quality data and implementation of a two-year sampling campaign. Trussell conducted jar tests and additional bench-scale tests, over a full year, to assess clarification, disinfection by-product (DBP) formation and minimization, ozone demand on both raw and clarified water, ozone dose needed for pathogen credit, and manganese removal.

As a sub-consultant to West Yost Associates, Trussell lead efforts evaluating treatment alternatives, treatment goals, and selection of the recommended treatment train, which includes coagulation, flocculation, sedimentation, intermediate ozonation, biologically active filtration through a GAC/sand deep bed filter, finished water stabilization and corrosion control, and final disinfection with free chlorine. Trussell prepared the pre-design report for this new WTP, and also assisted with development of procurement documents for selection of the Design-Build team to design and construct the new WTP.

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