Project Type

Progressive Design-Build Services for Indirect Potable Reuse


Soquel Creek Water District


Santa Cruz, CA

Current Status

Ongoing through 2024

Key Features

  • Progressive design build project delivery
  • Process design (through 100% design)
  • Title 22 Engineering Report and WDR/WRR permitting
  • Operation Optimization Plan
  • Startup and Commissioning
  • AOP Challenge Testing
  • Ocean discharge compliance and NPDES permitting

Project Overview

Trussell is teamed with Black & Veatch and Filanc to provide progressive design-build services for the development of tertiary treatment and advanced water purification facilities as part of the Pure Water Soquel program. The tertiary treatment facilities will produce non-potable disinfected tertiary recycled water via cloth disk filtration and UV disinfection. Potable water will be produced through a combination of treatment via ozonation, membrane filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV-advanced oxidation process (UV-AOP) as well as underground retention time in a local groundwater basin.

Trussell is leading all regulatory tasks for the design-build team and is supporting Soquel Creek Water District’s (District’s) pursuit of the necessary permits to implement an indirect potable reuse project in California. This includes supporting the development of a Title 22 Engineering Report, providing revisions to the report throughout project implementation, and supporting District communication with DDW during their issuance of the WDR/WRR permit. As the project transitions from design to construction and plant startup, Trussell is supporting the development of the Operation Optimization Plan as well as conducting the UV-AOP challenge testing, which are both regulatory requirements for potable reuse projects in California. Trussell is also working to ensure that the ocean discharge of waste residuals from advanced treatment (e.g., RO concentrate) meets all regulatory standards, and is supporting the District and the City of Santa Cruz through the NPDES permit renewal/amendment process.

In addition to regulatory lead, Trussell is working closely with Black & Veatch throughout the design, startup, and commissioning of this project. Trussell’s experience with designing and implementing indirect potable reuse projects throughout California coupled with a detailed understanding of the regulations provides valuable insight for the team.

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