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Seawater Desalination

It is estimated that 50% of the future population growth in the United States will occur in the coastal states of California, Florida, and Texas. Interestingly, these three states are also the nation's leaders in seawater desalination. In California, many water agencies are interested in reducing their dependence on imported water and view seawater desalination as a viable local source of water to augment their existing water portfolio. In the past, prohibitive costs restricted widespread applications of desalination technology and conventional treatment of traditional water sources (groundwater, surface water and out-of-state transfers) was more cost effective. Increasing population, industrialization, frequent and prolonged droughts, dwindling traditional sources, and new stringent regulations are continuously pushing the costs of the conventional water supplies up, bringing seawater desalination back to the world stage.

Trussell Technologies is actively involved with the development of desalinated seawater supplies for utilities in California. Our involvement has developed a better understanding of the water quality and chemistry issues associated with quantifying seawater, concentrate, and product water quality in addition to preventing and controlling membrane biofouling with preformed chloramines. Building upon Dr. Rhodes Trussell’s pretreatment process experience from the 30 MGD plant on Trinidad/Tobago, our firm has proven that deep bed, high rate, granular media filtration is a viable pretreatment when combined with membrane filtration to mitigate the effects of harmful algal blooms.