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Recycled Water

“Once is no longer enough.”

Water recycling, also referred to as water reclamation and water reuse, is the practice of treating wastewater and using it for beneficial purposes. Today, water recycling accounts for a significant portion of the water portfolio in many communities, especially those located in water scarce regions. California is a national leader in water reuse, producing 669,000 acre-feet of recycled water in 2009. California is also home to the most developed and stringent regulations on water reuse in the country, commonly referred to as Title 22.

The level of treatment required to produce recycled water is dependent both on the wastewater quality and the intended reuse application. Treatment for non-potable uses (e.g., irrigation, industrial cooling water, commercial process water, and recreational waters) typically involves filtration and disinfection of a well-oxidized secondary effluent. With increasing frequency, recycled water must be desalinated to use high salinity wastewaters or in applications with sensitivities to salt.

Trussell Technologies is a leader in selecting the most appropriate treatment technology for any recycled water application. The firm applies new thinking to develop novel approaches for water recycling projects. The most cost effective solution is to maximize a utilities’ existing investment in operating infrastructure and our firm has a proven track record that has resulted in additional treatment capacity without any additional construction.

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