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Potable Reuse

There is only so much fresh water in the world, and we are already using near our limit. Reuse of municipal wastewater is one of the most reliable and affordable sources of new water supply, but it presents new challenges as well: infrastructure, water quality and public education. In the arid Southwest we have picked the low hanging fruit: golf courses, public parks, highway medians, public gardens and industry near the wastewater treatment plant. Communities are finding that further expansion of non-potable reuse requires increasingly costly infrastructure for delivery and storage of the water between seasons. Potable reuse alternatives require less infrastructure because they take advantage of existing distribution systems. Potable reuse projects also address storage issues, either by employing storage in large environmental buffers or by providing a stable base load while traditional infrastructure addresses seasonality and peaking. Of course, potable reuse projects have their own technical challenges in treatment and quality assurance. They also present regulatory challenges and a need for reframing the public discussion surrounding the appropriate use of the water cycle.

Trussell Technologies is a leader in reuse and can help you to plan and execute a successful project. The firm has played and continues to play a significant role in the development of treatment processes for reuse projects and in the dialogue with regulators and the scientific community for all aspects of reuse. The firm has played a critical role in the planning stages of many potable reuse projects and has been involved with operating facilities to improve their performance and reduce the cost of water.

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