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Impaired Water Recovery

Impaired water sources, once considered too expensive to treat and recover feasibly with conventional treatment methods, are increasingly becoming necessary water supplies. Impaired waters may also require treatment to prevent further environmental pollution. Often, groundwaters contain site-specific contaminants (e.g., nitrate, perchlorate, MtBE) due to historical agricultural and industrial use. Other groundwaters have naturally elevated concentrations of salt, iron, or manganese, which are generally aesthetically unacceptable for use as drinking water. Surface waters may also contain a variety of contaminants (e.g., taste and odor compounds, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and personal care products), due to local watershed activities. Selection of proper treatment methods to ensure adequate and reliable removal of specific contaminants requires careful consideration of the overall raw water quality and finished water quality goals, as well as capital and operating costs.

Trussell Technologies approaches each treatment challenge on a case-by-case basis, understanding the sound scientific principles upon which each treatment process is based. Trussell Technologies also utilizes past experience to take into account the practical implications of operation to ensure success upon implementation. We have led numerous projects in developing detailed and relevant treatment process designs for a variety of organic and inorganic contaminants.