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Biological Treatment

Biological treatment has become the established process for wastewater treatment. Capturing the benefits of a naturally occurring microbiology and creating a growth environment that establishes the most efficient microbial population to encourage flocculation, eliminate effluent turbidity, and improve settleability is the key to a well-engineered biological process. Our company views all water as a resource, and wastewater is one of our most valuable resources. As a result, the biological process must do the “heavy lifting” for the treatment plant to ensure the most cost-effective treatment trains for producing recycled water (e.g. California Title 22 water) or proceeding advanced treatment to augment potable water supplies. Fundamentally, we look to the biology to provide a well-oxidized effluent, but more commonly we need the biology to do more – such as provide an effluent with low nutrient concentrations (nitrogen or phosphorus) along with low turbidity and total organic carbon (TOC) concentrations.

Trussell Tech has played a significant role in all aspects of a biological treatment facility:

  1. Planning projects to develop the most efficient biological process alternative and evaluate what a facility can achieve and
  2. Design projects that assist with proper sizing and tools for proper selective pressure control (e.g. maintain the right biology) and
  3. Operations assistance that provide guidance on how facilities can best achieve their operating goals.