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Role In Recycled Water

MBRs have become an established treatment process over the past decade with multiple facilities treating more than 10 mgd in North America. In recycled water, the MBR technology is most promising as a satellite facility where costly piping infrastructure can be avoided by locating the treatment facility closer to the recycled water user. With increasing potable reuse applications, the MBR process is more often considered as a pretreatment process to advanced treatment technologies (e.g. reverse osmosis and ultraviolet advanced oxidation). It is important to note that recycled water regulations and discharge regulations vary from state to state and a critical component of achieving the true promise MBR technology is to ensure a system with good integrity. A well-run MBR facility with knowledgeable staff will produce turbidities less than 0.2 NTU consistently. This high quality effluent is critical in recycled water applications where pathogen removal and protection of public health is paramount.