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GMF In Recycled Water

Granular media filtration is the most widely employed filtration process to achieve recycled water quality, known as Title 22 regulations in California. Filter designs in wastewater applications must consider the variability in influent water quality that the upstream biological process will produce. When properly designed and operated, GMF achieves reliable and significant turbidity removal from even the most challenging secondary effluents without excessive backwashing or maintenance. A continuous feed of coagulant and/or polymer is absolutely required to achieve significant turbidity removal with GMF.

Trussell Technologies, Inc. is a leader in re-rating existing GMF facilities to increase production capacity. Building upon a large research program that supported his PhD work, Dr. Gordon Williams has successfully re-rated the filtration capacity of four water reclamation facilities and provided them 50 mgd of additional capacity without constructing any filtration facilities. This direct application of science to support efficient treatment facility design and operation has saved these utilities an estimated $50-100 million dollars.