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Puerto Peñasco Desalination Project

The Municipality of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico / W.L. Bouchard & Associates, Inc.

The Municipality of Puerto Peñasco, Sonora, Mexico desired to expand its capability to provide fresh water to meet the rapidly growing demands of the city. Currently, groundwater is the main source of water and the municipality is looking to seawater desalination as a new source water. The study provided an assessment of the possibility of constructing and operating a sustainable municipal-scale seawater desalination facility. Trussell Tech’s team focused on analyzing the water quality standards and treatment requirements, establishing design criteria for this 11.4 MGD plant expandable to 22.8 and 45.6 MGD. Desalination treatment alternatives were evaluated and one treatment train was selected and a predesign was prepared. Trussell Tech also contributed to the feasibility analysis of the project that included short and long-term basis sustainability. Sustainability was defined as meeting recognized financial requirements for the economic viability of producing desalinated water as a source of fresh water supply, environmental protection and preservation as defined and regulated by Mexican Federal Law, and the Project’s ability to support the socio-economic well being and growth of the Municipality as determined by the Municipal government. Trussell Tech focuses on the technical, human health and water quality impacts of the project.