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City of Carlsbad Poseidon Agreement

City of Carlsbad, California

The City of Carlsbad, CA., evaluated a proposal where Poseidon Resources, Inc. would provide desalted water to the City. Trussell Tech. was retained by the City to provide advice on the technical aspects of the agreement between Poseidon and the City. This project included advice on water quality specifications, recommendation and critical review of corrosion study, and investigation of the effects of boron and chloride on local ornamental plants when the City's potable water supply is completely converted to desalinated water. As part of the City of Carlsbad's evaluation of Poseidon's proposal, Trussell Tech. conducted an analysis that compared the cost of desalted water to the cost of imported water over a twenty-year horizon. Additionally, concerns with warm desalinated water temperatures during winter service were addressed and cooling tower costs were determined.