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City of San Diego Repurification Project

City of San Diego

In the mid 90s, the City of San Diego proposed to treat tertiary wastewater from the North City Water Reclamation Plant to supplement the local drinking water supply, recharging the San Vicente Reservoir. To ensure the successful design of the proposed 23 MGD AWT facility, the City performed a 4-year demonstration study to evaluate the proposed process. Rhodes Trussell (with MW at the time) served as the Technical Director for the Feasibility study and as the Principal Investigator for the demonstration study and Shane Trussell (also at MW) served as an on-site project engineer for the demonstration study as well. Two complete systems were operated: one with a UF membrane (Aquasource) for pretreatment and the other with MF membranes (Memcor). The project involved testing a wide assortment of reverse osmosis (RO) membranes downstream of the MF/UF units. This project was the first comprehensive study of membrane filtration as pretreatment for RO.