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SEJPA Recycled Water Improvement and Optimization

San Elijo Joint Powers Authorities

Building upon historical plant performance data, as well as overall design and operational support activities, Trussell Technologies has helped the SEJPA achieve ideal operating conditions. Currently the San Elijo Water Reclamation Facility (SEWRF) is operating in a non-nitrified state, using a single 413,000-gallon aeration basin to treat an average daily flow of 2.9 mgd; and is consistently producing low secondary effluent turbidities around 3 NTU. The effluent that SEWRF is achieving is as good or better than many nitrifying facilities, yet operates at a fraction of the cost. Some of the innovative techniques that Trussell Technologies has incorporated at the SEWRF include: (1) designing and implementing an efficient and effective aeration basin design, (2) identifying and eliminating problematic filaments, (3) developing an operations plan that documents historical performance and establishes operational guidelines for each process, and (4) developing operational SRT targets determined by the mixed liquor temperature such that SRT is maximized while partial nitrification is avoided. These innovative practices have dramatically improved process performance and have resulted in drastic reductions to chemical and power consumption. The SEWRF demonstrates what an efficient and effective biological design is capable of when operations are properly established and optimized.