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Fallbrook WRP Capital Improvement Plan

Fallbrook Public Utilities District

Fallbrook Public Utilities District (FPUD) currently owns and operates the Fallbrook Water Reclamation Plant 1 (WRP 1), which can treat up to 2.7 mgd. The last significant improvements to the plant were completed in 1989 and WRP 1 is currently in need of extensive rehabilitation. Trussell Tech and Pirnie/ARCADIS conducted a “high altitude” planning level study to assess the existing plants performance, determined required plant improvements, and provided rough estimates of probable construction costs for the upgrades necessary to insure reliable facilities for the next 20-30 years. Pirnie/ARCADIS and Trussell Technologies have worked diligently with FPUD staff to determine the best approach for the WRP 1 Improvement Project: one that will not only address the current issues, but provide a robust process design that maximizes FPUD’s capital investment and provides the most operational flexibility.