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City of Oceanside Process GW Evaluation

City of Oceanside Water Utilities Department

The City of Oceanside Groundwater Purification Facility (also known as the Mission Basin Desalting Facility) was constructed in 1992 and, with several plant improvements and expansions since then, produces 6.4 MGD of drinking water for use by the City. Local groundwater is treated with iron and manganese filters, reverse osmosis, granular activated carbon, and disinfection with chlorine and ammonia. Trussell Technologies was retained by the City to evaluate the existing facility’s overall treatment process performance and provide recommendations for process optimization. Analyses of the past two years of data and communication with plant operators about treatment challenges formed the basis for the recommendations. Reverse osmosis simulation using membrane manufacturer’s software was also performed to assess flow rates required for optimal efficiency, membrane performance, pressure and chemical requirements. Of particular focus was the feedwater quality, greensand filter performance, membrane performance and configuration, blending and product water quality, and chemical dosing. Recommendations were categorized based on immediate, short, and long-term time scales to enable the City to comprehensively plan capital improvements.