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Camarillo Pilot Plant Design & Operation

CDM/ Camarillo Water Division

Working with CDM, Trussell Technologies was retained by the City of Camarillo on a project to expand the groundwater supply for the City to reduce its dependence on imported water, while improving the quality of water ultimately discharged to the Calleguas Creek watershed. They are developing a groundwater treatment system that is capable of addressing current water quality concerns and also flexible enough to adjust to potential future water quality changes as they occur in the aquifer. Trussell Technologies evaluated emerging contaminants for the project The purpose of the pilot study is to demonstrate and select the most cost-effective treatment approach, providing specific information on operating performance, water quality, and projected treatment costs for the proposed treatment processes. Trussell Technologies is also involved in optimization of the desalination process and is evaluating a wide range of “new-era” low energy NF/RO membranes for the treatment of contaminated groundwater.