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SDF National Training Center Water Treatment Design, Manufacture, and Startup

Search Dog Foundation

Search Dog Foundation (SDF) is currently planning and constructing their National Training Center (NTC) in the foothills of Santa Paula, CA to consolidate its canine kennels, search training sites, and offices.  The NTC is located in a quiet, rural area, and their projected water demand of 4000 gallons per day must be met with an onsite groundwater well.  Testing has shown this water quality to be challenging, containing elevated levels of total dissolved solids, sulfates, boron, iron, manganese, and potentially hydrogen sulfide.  Also challenging is the client’s request to have minimal trucking associated with water treatment and an impacted watershed (i.e., no conventional place to discharge the waste stream produced by water treatment).  Trussell Technologies evaluated multiple whole-system treatment technologies for the NTC, including solar distillation, thermal distillation, and reverse osmosis (RO) with pretreatment for producing drinking water; and thermal distillation and evaporative beds for brine minimization and treatment. Upon Trussell Technologies’ recommendation, SDF has selected RO with pretreatment and evaporative brine beds for their overall water treatment system, and retained Trussell Technologies for the process design, manufacture, and startup.  To ensure successful RO performance, pretreatment involves tray aeration to oxidize iron, manganese, and hydrogen sulfide and greensand filtration.  Post-treatment of the RO permeate involves boron ion exchange, calcite filtration for stabilization, and disinfection.  RO brine and filter backwash water will be sent to the evaporative beds, where only solids will be retained, making this overall system essentially zero-liquid discharge.  After manufacture of the system is completed in-house (in our Fabrication Facility), Trussell Technologies will install the skid and perform comprehensive startup testing and overall system evaluation (i.e., skid and brine beds), enabling the NTC to have a safe and reliable drinking water supply.

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