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Camp Pendleton Evaluation of Corrosion Control Treatment Alternatives

Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton (MCBCP)/Rick Brady & Assoc.

Trussell Technologies provided assistance in troubleshooting and resolving the recent lead problems in the groundwater supply of the Southern system and copper problems in the groundwater supply of the Northern system on the Base. For both systems, various corrosion control treatment (CCT) alternatives were considered including pH adjustment and phosphate inhibitor. For the Southern system, a recommendation was made to implement caustic/orthophosphate to control lead. For the Northern system, Trussell Tech performed a water quality evaluation and feasibility assessment for alternative corrosion control treatment (CCT) methods including aeration / orthophosphate and caustic / orthophosphate. The CCT alternatives evaluated on this project have applicability as potential post-treatment strategies for seawater desalination. Dr. Rhodes Trussell, P.E. served as project manager and Dr. David Hokanson, P.E. served as a project engineer on the project.