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Thank you for your inquiry about employment opportunities at Trussell Technologies.  

We are currently hiring! Please read here for more information. 

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TT Lab Experts

Did you know that Trussell Technologies has a water quality and treatability lab?

This is what makes Trussell Technologies truly unique in our industry.  Our best engineers are working in our lab to optimize water treatment processes for our customers.  The Trussell Tech Lab is a valuable tool to identify and select timely and cost-effective treatment solutions – from control of disinfection by-products (DBPs) to pathogen inactivation and advanced treatment of contaminants of emerging concern (CECs).

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TT Operations Experts

Did you know that Trussell Technologies’ best engineers are also certified operators?

This is what makes Trussell Technologies truly unique in our industry.  Our best engineers are certified operators with years of experience operating advanced treatment facilities for potable reuse.  Not only do we support our customers with operator training, troubleshooting, and optimization of the latest and most advanced technologies for potable reuse, but this exact operational experience makes our design and engineering that much better because we understand.

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IWA Publication

In a recent edition of Water Science & Technology, John Kenny, Elaine Howe and Brie Post of Trussell Technologies along with co-author Bob Holden of Monterey One Water discuss the removal of pesticides through wastewater treatment and subsequent advanced treatment for indirect potable reuse. Link to Article here.

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We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans for WEFTEC 2018! Trussell Tech's speakers are: 

Keel Robinson: Mobile Session, Mon, Oct 1, 1:30 pm "Ozone’s Multiple Benefits in Water Reuse"

Aleks Pisarenko: Technical Presentation: Tue, Oct 2, 11:30 am "O3/BAC vs. Chloramines:  Innovative Pretreatment to Membranes and Enhanced Energy Efficiency of Potable Reuse Treatment Train"

Brian Pecson: Technical Presentation: Tue, Oct 2, 4:00 pm "Improving DPR Quantitative Microbial Risk Assessment Using Extensive New Pathogen Monitoring Datasets"

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AWWA Publication

In the August edition of Journal AWWA, Brian PecsonSarah TrioloRobert Shane Trussell, and Rhodes Trussell of Trussell Technologies examine the use of reservoirs for potable reuse. 
Link to article here.

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Water Research Publication

In the October edition of Water Research, Brian Pecson and Brie Post, P.E. of Trussell Technologies along with co-authors Kirin Furst and William Mitch of Stanford University discuss sequential chlorine and chloramine disinfection for water reuse.

Link to article here.

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Water Research Publication

A team of Trussell Tech engineers led by Bryan Trussell, P.E. will be published in Water Research in November 2018. The forthcoming publication titled "A four-year simulation of soil aquifer treatment using columns filled with San Gabriel Valley sand" can be accessed through the following link through September 8, 2018.

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Singapore Water Week

Join Shane Trussell at Singapore International Water Week! He will be presenting the following talks: 

Wed July 11:

11am to 12:30pm – Planning for Resilience for the City of San Diego Through Increasing Water Supply Reliability

2pm to 3:30pm – Developing a Regional Recycled Water Program in Southern California

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Please come see us at AWWA's ACE 2018 in Las Vegas, NV!

Our speakers are:

Aleks Pisarenko - Wed, June 13, 3 p.m. -

Membrane Prequalification and Preselection for the City of San Diego North City Pure Water Facility

Rodrigo Tackaert - Thurs., June 14, 9 a.m. -

Achieving Enhanced Treatment Robustness Against Organic Contaminants at a 1MGD Potable Reuse Treatment Train