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Rodrigo Tackaert

Rodrigo Tackaert has a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of California at San Diego and a M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Munich, Germany. For his Master’s thesis – done in collaboration with Trussell Technologies, Mr. Tackaert executed system wide chemical challenge tests at a 1 MGD potable reuse demo facility seeking to demonstrate the benefits of added treatment robustness (namely ozone and biological activated carbon) to Full Advanced Treatment (FAT). Within this same study, he applied the concept of indicator compounds to evaluate treatment train performance. Mr. Tackaert also has experience with ozone bench-top testing for pathogen inactivation studies and investigating the applicability of surrogate parameters to assess oxidation of micropollutants during the ozonation of wastewaters.

Mr. Tackaert’s interests include the realization of potable reuse, novel monitoring strategies, and treatment performance assessment.