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Exciting new DPR publication from Trussell Tech

Trussell Tech is excited to announce the publication of "Reliability of pathogen control in direct potable reuse: Performance evaluation and QMRA of a full-scale 1 MGD advanced treatment train.” This is the first study of its kind to assess the pathogen risk of a direct potable reuse treatment train using data from a full-scale facility.  The innovative treatment train used ozone and BAC as pretreatment for full-advanced treatment with MF, RO, and UV/AOP, incorporating enhanced online monitoring to demonstrate the reliability of pathogen control.  The high degree of redundancy provided by this train resulted in pathogen risks that were consistently lower than the U.S. and WHO risk goals, even in the event of failures.  The results demonstrate the benefit of an operational strategy based on failure prevention through redundancy in treatment.

Please click here for a copy of the article.

Water Environment & Reuse Foundation supported this work with financial, technical, and administrative assistance in funding and managing the project.  We would also like to acknowledge the State of California Department of Water Resources for its grant award in support of this project and the San Diego County Water Authority for its support in the administration of the project funding.  The City of San Diego allowed their demonstration facility to be utilized for this project, and their support as a Project Utility Partner, along with that of the Helix Water District and Padre Dam Municipal Water District, was greatly appreciated.