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John Kenny, P.E.

John Kenny has a B.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Kansas and an M.S. in Environmental Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. Mr. Kenny is  a registered Civil Engineer in the State of California with more than two years of experience. Mr. Kenny has conducted bench-scale, pilot-scale, and full-scale testing on a variety of processes, including tertiary granular media filtration, drinking water granular media filtration, ozonation, low-pressure membrane filtration (UF), high-pressure membrane filtration (RO), chemically enhanced phosphorous removal, advanced oxidation systems (AOP) with ultraviolet light (UV) and hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) or free chlorine, and chemical stabilization of soft, low-alkalinity waters. His experience also includes the preliminary design of the above mentioned processes, several Groundwater Replenishment Reuse Projects, and WateReuse Foundation research. He is interested in finding solutions to emerging water quality issues, particularly by leveraging both experience and science.

Mr. Kenny is a member of the Standard Methods Committee for the Examination of Water and Wastewater and the California Water Environment Association (CWEA).